Our Process

Before Your Appointment

Thank you for choosing Lawson Family Dentistry to help you maintain good oral health. We appreciate your trust and confidence and can’t wait to get to know you. We put the patient first in all we do, and aspire to consistently high standards of excellence and patient satisfaction.

First Time Patients:

If your appointment is for a first visit, please arrive several minutes early, to allow time to give us your health history and insurance information. Download and fill out the New Patient Information forms.

All Patients:

Please keep us informed of any changes in your medical conditions so we can consistently provide the most complete and appropriate care.

At every dental visit, please bring a list of any medications you are taking, including both prescriptions and over-the-counter products.

Don’t hesitate to confide in us about any worries you have about your oral health. We stay up to date with cosmetic advances and you do not have to just settle for how your teeth look. Ask us about how we can help you smile with confidence.


During Your Appointment

Prevention is always key.

During your appointment we screen for:

  • Early detection of oral problems like periodontal gum disease
  • Pre-cancerous changes in your oral tissues, head and neck
  • Signs of tooth decay
  • Temporomadibular (jaw) joints for signs of problems

As part of our pre-screening process, dental radiographs (X-rays) may be necessary to help us assess tooth decay and periodontal disease. As part of your visit we will also review brushing and flossing techniques and good dietary habits. Keeping your mouth clean is key to preventing tooth decay and periodontal disease.

After Your Appointment

Thank you for visiting our office and we hope to see you again soon!

Here are some tips to follow after your appointment:

  • If you had a filling or crown, or you are numb, it is important to not eat for an hour afterwards. Numbness varies from person to person and may last for several hours.
  • Children must be watched if numb, to make sure they do not bite their tongue or lips.
  • As a general rule you should not eat anything for at least an hour after a filling has been placed. Also, avoiding moderately cold or hot foods is important because teeth may be sensitive.
  • Postoperative instructions will be given to every patient that has an extraction.
  • Remember to follow preventive cleaning practices to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. Always brush at least twice daily and floss, and teach your children good oral hygiene practices because bad habits can start early.